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“Sterling Presser” is a studio for architecture, planning and design.

The practice, co-founded in 2017 by French Engineer-Architect Nicolas Sterling and German Architect Elke Sterling- Presser, is based on 30 years of combined experience, in the respective fields of Architecture and Structural engineering. We have a high level expertise in designing landmark architectures and structures worldwide, and we stand for design excellence. We contributed to a wide range of programs from design objects and sculptures to multi programmatic theaters and bridges. We are experienced to deliver in various cultural and geographic situations, and well understand the impact of challenging project in unexpected context.


Sterling - Presser



Nicolas Sterling is a French Structural Engineer - Architect 

and Entrepreneur.

Nicolas is Director at Sterling Presser since 2017, co founded in Berlin with the German Architect Elke Sterling-Presser.

He graduated from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris as a Civil Engineer and from the School of Architecture Paris La Villette as Architect DPLG. Living previously in Paris and then in London, he gained 15 years of experience, working internationally at ARUP BEL, ARUP AGU led by Cecil Balmond, AKTII and HDA as a structural engineer on high-profile multidisciplinary architectural projects including buildings, foot-bridges and large scale art installations. His “design-led” approach and further interest in innovative form, and complex structures have allowed him to contribute to cutting edge projects with renowned designers and architects worldwide.



Elke Sterling - Presser is a registered German Architect

and Entrepreneur.

Elke is Director at Sterling Presser since 2017, co founded in Berlin with the French Architect-Engineer Nicolas Sterling.

Living previously in London, She gained 15 years of experience, working internationally on high class architecture.She received a Postgraduate Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from SAC-Städelschule Architecture Class at the Städelschule Staatliche Hochschule für Bildene Künste, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under the tutorship of Prof.Ben Van BerkelProf. Johan Bettum and Prof. Mark Wigley. She is registered in the UK with the ARB and the German Architect Chamber Baden-Württemberg. From 2006 to 2015, she has been working as Lead Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in London.


Selected reference projects Nicolas Sterling


Selected reference projects Elke Sterling-Presser

Grand Theatre Rabat, Morocco

@ AKTII Adams Kara Taylor, Zaha Hadid Architects

School of Islamic Studies, Qatar

 @ ARUP Building Engineering, Architects MYAA / RHWL

Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Hyde Park, London, UK

@ Zaha Hadid Architects, United Kingdom

Neil Barrett Flagship Store, Tokyo, Japan

@ Zaha Hadid Architects, Japan (2008 – 2009)




We are passionate about « creative abrasion » 

Our core team is trained as architects, structural engineers, geometry specialists, analysts, graphic designers, We believe in a multidisciplinary approach rather than a standalone practice to work beyond the traditional building model. We are connected to specialists worldwide, and strongly interested to interact with other disciplines.

« We can do » attitude

We are designers and technicians with the soul of adventurers and a feel for elegance...We combine a rigorous scientific background with a more artistic conceptual approach. Our clients benefit from our relentless curiosity to create the “next”...and our passion to deliver in a “can do” attitude.

We are local within a global network

Our team is based locally in Berlin within an international and multicultural network. Our presence and connection to high technology networks such as FACTORY Berlin, enable to connect with new ways of working and create. This means that our team works with flexibility and able to connect, operate and build bespoke teams in order to react to some specific projects and schedules.




Our connection in both praxis and academic research creates a dynamic spiraling learning model. We are involved in many different Universities, reviews and guests critics in order to promote and support new innovation and ideas within the academia and generally within the industry.

Nicolas Sterling, SPANS associates, Architect Structural Engineer, Teaching, Ethiopia

AA Pavillion

Architectural Association,London, UK, 2009

Greenwich University, London,UK

Teaching, Design Unit, Architecture and Urban Design, London, UK, 2015

Research Cloud

London, UK, 2009

Islamic Pattern

Research, Models, London, UK, 2008


Städelschule, Frankfurt, Germany

Research, Models, Germany, 2005

Future Living

Competition, Berlin, Germany, 2017

The Pulpit rock church

Competition, Preikestolen, the Pulpit rock, Norway, 2017

Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria


Specialist consultant in Design Studio, Vienna, 2008





“k e l e l o k o” is an independent art and meditation platform, founded 2011 in London, United Kingdom, by Elke Sterling-Presser and Nicolas Sterling.