Architectural Design


Design and engineering workflow

We deliver full architectural design services for the early stage design. In today’s world, designing a building is about much more than the development of a program into space. That’s why we question deeply any briefs to consider how to achieve any sustainability and environmental improvement. The ways people live, work and circulate is a driver for change. That makes it our responsibility to ensure our designs are flexible enough to move with any future challenges. Our team is set up as a single point of contact in order to facilitate the project development and coordination throughout. We work with flexibility with other design specialists, other practices, local partners and approval body. As the projects develop, we keep an involvement and a level of support and commitment up to construction. Together and in line with engineering and technical approach, we endeavour the full architectural and design review, so that the best concepts are adopted.

Our design service offer considers the following phase of work:

For specific or smaller scale project we deliver a full service in Architecture design.

Otherwise, we cover the following phase: 

  • HOAI, stages 1 to 4, (Germany)

  • RIBA, stages A to D, (UK)

  • MOP stages concept to APD, (France)