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Project: River Champagne Bar

Location: Paris, France

Date: 2014

Architect: SPANS associates

Collaborator rendering: Joachim Lézie-Cobert

Type: Pavillion

Size: 425sqm

Stage: Competition


A minimal ‘unplugged’ floating experience

The project is conceived as a temporary pavilion, mobile, seasonal, rather than a permanent building, in dialogue with the inhabited ‘Peniche’. The floating pavilion is minimal and can be plugged and unplugged to the existing site. Its elongated curve is an opportunity to redefine the linear aspect of the Parisian river La Seine.

An inner multi sensory experience

The champagne bar is designed as a multi- sensory space where the visitors will have a spatial experience through the shape dynamism which creates different distinct spaces and ambiances. The music performances are amplified in the ‘vortex’ - a tuned and intimate space - while the bar is a long open space for contemplation and degustation. The music performers create a sound vibration without being fully unveiled and seen by their public.

A multi-layered structural loop

The project skin is made of a multi layered Corten steel giving a strong feel of materiality and temporality.

The whole structure works as diagrid shell as a light and performant solution.