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Design and engineering workflow

How we design interiors is based on a holistic strategy rather than a decorative approach. It is based on our understanding of combining space, structure and technology in an inclusive manner. As interiors are on a much more human scale than buildings, we can implement our experience and expertise on a more intimate level. What people can see, feel and hear in a space can be tightly controlled and explored to create memorable, personalised experiences for every visitor or resident. What we learnt at the interior design scale influence any buildings and infrastructure detail design approach.

Our design service offer considers the following phase of work:

For specific or smaller scaled project we deliver a full service in Interior Design.

Otherwise, we cover the following phase: 

  • HOAI, stages 1 to 4, (Germany)
  • RIBA, stages A to D, (UK)
  • MOP stages concept to APD, (France)