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“Sterling Presser” is an international studio for architecture, planning and design.

We deliver innovative, complex and world class projects. We design buildings, infrastructures, masterplans, interiors and objects with the common aim to achieve a sustainable built environment.

We design with the future in mind. Our team works on the questions of our time: How can we change the way we currently live, work and circulate?





We crossover expertises within a single team

By working together from the start of any new project, architects, designers and engineers combine their knowledge to achieve optimal integrated design in order to deliver a more sustainable built environment. Our team combines the most advanced 3D technology to model, simulate, analyse, draw and visualize together with traditional methods of sketch and storytelling to stimulate a cross over intuition and creativity.


We deliver feasible design

We believe that the best projects can only be initiated by a totally integrated design approach from the first start. It does offer the best value for our clients. Integrating together architectural design and engineering services facilitates the dialogue in the design process to make new dreams achievable and technically feasible. It does bring together one team as a single point of contact working with a unique 3D workflow. It proves to be efficient, economical and protects the first original ideas integrity through the process. We aim design excellence within the given program and budget. The result is healthier architecture and structures that improve quality of life, whatever the future may bring.


Architects Engineers


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30 years of combined experience

The practice, co-founded in 2017 by French Engineer-Architect Nicolas Sterling and German Architect Elke Sterling- Presser, is based on 30 years of combined experience, in the respective fields of Architecture and Structural engineering. We have a high level expertise in designing landmark architectures and structures worldwide, and we stand for design excellence. We contributed to a wide range of programs from design objects and sculptures to multi programmatic theatres and bridges. We are experienced to deliver in various cultural and geographic situations, and well understand the impact of challenging projects in unexpected contexts.