Staedelschule_Twist attractors.jpg


Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Dean: Ben van Berkel

Professor: Johan Bettum, Mark Wigley, Beatriz Colomina

Research: Elke Presser



The performance of a column is used as a tool to enable and describe various types of flows. The column is modified on the basis of a set of rules, which in turn produce a new finite geometry and concomitant potentials and effects, first and foremost with respect to connectivity and flow. As a result of the deformation, the performed column transforms into a hybrid structural system, inclusive of horizontal surface extensions and therefore, programmable space.


In the resulting variations, different kinds of flux are generated by structural and material flow as much as an anticipated flow of people. These flows are regulated and controlled by defined rules pertaining to the ‘columnar’ conditions. Furthermore and inversely, by regulation of the flux, the type and intensity of connectivity are suggested.