1. Begin anywhere. (cf John Cage and Bruce Mau)

2. The best way to change the world is to start now. (and close social media!)

3. The best way to make the work is to make the work. Accept difficulties. (cf Michael Avatar)

4. Deliver. But stay in the journey and never completely arrive. Accept the process and invite criticism!

5. Fix a target. Promise a target. Deliver the target. And keep going. Keep building.

6. Ask an architect to size a beam and an engineer to feel the space. Let them argue. Friction is creation. Ego is life. But let it go please. Lachez prise. It is a space for creation.

7. Do not take it for granted. Just check. All is instinctive. If your numbers tell you it is right, and your instinct does not not issue the results!

8. It will stand up only if you feel it. It will be elegant only if you feel it. There is some "Mozart" in the process!

9. Take your sketch, scan it. Take your model. Twist it. Watch your screen from far. Mirror, invert, stretch, rotate ... and close your eyes. There is life out there.

10. Some make mistakes and can only explain them. Some get it right but do not know why. There is space to grow there! Fail fail fail better. (Samuel Beckett)

11. Always put a name, a place and a date. We create here and now. It will help you in the future to remember that all stupid ideas are worth! Draw them on the screen or on a vomit bag!

12. If you really do not like something, it is a sign, try it one more time.

13. Inchala! There is some space to believe we are not in charge of all! So stay in control!

14. Breath.

15. Play.

16. Listen carefully.

17. Go for a walk, wander, observe. Catch the moment. It is permanent improvisation.

18. Wear a helmet.

19. Begin anywhere.