PULSE MAGAZINE – How “SMART” shall living and working be?

How “SMART” shall living and working be?

A big thank you from ABB Busch Jaeger team, Katrin Foerster and Lasse Ole Hempe for questioning us regarding SMART LIVING and the publication in Pulse magazine 2018.

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“In the last decades, the evolution of nanotechnology had a significant impact in the way we live and work. Even though we observe a recent big evolution in architectural forms and the parametric tools to generate them, significant innovations in building materials and services remain relative.

We need to question the culture of waste and shift our priorities! It is definitely one of our biggest challenges as designers, architects - engineers...There is a huge potential to retrofit buildings and create new smarter architectures and structures. And the smart building technologies are probably one of the most significant game changer.

It does enable us to interact and communicate actively with our built environment and certainly impact long term maintenance. Building only with local resources and the integration of passive solutions are nevertheless a must to respond to site and climate specificities.

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