BRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHY / INSPIRATION: symmetry, mirror, gateways, symbolic beauty


symmetry, mirror

„Symmetry mirrored images rarely ‘just happen’. They need the optimum sky, the ideal riparian/tidal conditions, the perfect wind speed, plus oodles of planning, detailed recce work and a LOT of patience.“

Graeme Peacock

Copyright Graeme Peacock

Copyright Graeme Peacock


gateways, symbolic beauty

“Bridges are genuine wonders of human inventiveness nature and creative imagination. They symbolize power, quality, and beauty. They typically stay in our hearts as symbols of romance and also a mystery. They serve as a link to our memorable past, present, and future. Bridges are interesting to photograph. It can be very captivating and inspiring to partake in bridge photography.”

"Dance of Colours", Bridge, Aoos River, Greece