Project: Neil Barrett SIS

Location: worldwide

Date: 2008 - current

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Type: Retail

Size: 10 - 200sqm

Stage: Built



Display Landscape

Based on the idea of one cohesive project an amount of objects of the Shop in Shop Project is assembled to a Display Landscape. Each single object acts as a piece in a puzzle and completes or comprises the cast of the other. Either combined as a pair close to each other or assembled in distance the imprint of the other element is always possible to read and thus present within each element. In this vein single pieces, chosen for each specific location, keep their
virtual relationship to a defined whole and referring to each other as part of one concept.

The furniture shapes out off a pattern or sewing pattern, an artificial landscape, and unfolds multiple layers for display, defining a continuum of space.
The emerging form represents the same design principles used for the furniture of the Neill Barrett Tokyo Store.

The characteristic curvature of the peel, twisting from unfolded to folded surface or horizontal to vertical, is used again for the
Shop in Shop Concept but varied or extended. This curvature is not only used in one direction but also rotated and merging
from one into another to form and connect different display areas. Here the masculine and feminine are conjunct in one and the same figure. The characterized feminine is the more protruding and opulent part where else the masculine is represented in the sharp-cut and dynamic of the lines.


Adaption On Multiple Conditions

The Display Landscape is a flexible module system that allows multiple arrangements and variations according to specific locations. Different sizes of the single furniture pieces and various possible assembles make the display landscape a flexible pattern that allow an adaption on multiple conditions
or situations. 3-wall plan arrangements, 2-wall plan arrangements, 1-wall plan arrangements and also arrangements
without any wall are considered in the design development and allow creating a unique space at every location.

Each single piece of the puzzle allows an individual usage or can add up accordingly to the size of the Shop in Shop area. Every
element hold space for a required minimum collection of accessories, bags or single items of cloth and can be completed with a set of furniture pieces designed to display shoes.


Materiality And Color

The idea of the play with the contrary of a rough wall surface on one hand and a sculptural high quality finish of a furniture
piece within the space on the other hand is taken up again for the Shop in Shop concept and continuous the concept of the Neil Barrett Store in Tokyo. The furniture piece is set with a white smooth finish against the raw fair-faced concrete surface of the partition walls, accentuated by the contrary
color of a black polished floor.

The contrast of the materials in combination with the formal language of the design plays
with the aspects of the male and the female and their related characteristics in a visual and tactile sense.


All pictures copyright Zaha Hadid Architects.