Project: Road Monuments

Location: San Agata, Italy

Date: 2016

Architect: SPANS associates

Engineer: SPANS associates

Collaborators: Ghaith Tish, Matteo Montesi

Type: Monuments

Size: 425sqm

Stage: Competition Finalist


Design and Concept

The Lamborghini Road Monument embraces San Agata landscape and its topography. The two sculptural monuments are designed as a gateway to the whole site, not only limited to the roundabouts themselves. The two road monuments do play a role of visual entry to the site, and project the visitors to the dimension of the brand

The Lamborghini Road Monument is catching the dreams. As the Native American dream catchers, the two gateways bring the physical reality to a dimension of the dreams and desire as a projection. The project is seen as a single ribbon of time and shape evolution.The two roundabouts are circular, centred, creating a bi-polarity to the whole project as a unique piece of art. Virtually the two landmarks communicate through the resonance of the engine and create “a space of sound and vibration”. A sound installation is invited to be part of the whole concept as a generic universal sound amplificator. There is a desire to express, communicate loud its own identity and develop a strong presence in its environment.

The Lamborghini Road Monument refers to the evolution of the car in time and the shape outline definition through the history of the brand. The project is an opportunity to express the differentiation of shape - form finding, starting from a more curvilign approach to a more contemporary and sharp definition. The shape outlines and each single detail are thought to connect to the dream and to the specific vision of the cars beyond the physical object. It does open a world of extreme absolute desire where speed, acceleration, sound, cutting edge techniques brings the individual from one point to another dimension.

The project celebrates as well the art of engineering: material structural performance, definition of a responsive structural grid and constructibily aspects are an important criteria of the design development and vision.