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Project: Twin Towers

Location: Lishui, China

Date: 2017

Architect: SPANS associates/ Cooperation with SOL

Type: Towers

Size: BGF 40.000 sqm

Stage: Comission



Lishui is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China. The city is well known in China for its long history and beautiful landscapes and the name of the city literally means "Beautiful Water". The development and twin towers project is aiming at celebrating the city geography and the site topography.

The site is situated along the flow of Ou River and bordersided in the background by the Wuyi Mountains, providing a unique skyline and reflective landscape.

The whole project aims at providing a center and specific focus to the city current and historical development. The twin towers come therefore as an iconic form. Its energy is originated from the water. Both towers balance each other in the landscape, one dominating slightly the other one in a form of synergy. The North tower is a 118m high with 26 storeys, including a top viewpoint. The South tower is a 101m high storey. Both towers are including offices, housing and hotel.

The base geometry also refers to the porcelain know how as an hommage and reference to the Mei Ren Zui artwork. The rich texture and the reflectivity of the towers facades also aim at creating a unique effects in contrast to the existing buildings. It would therefore stands as the city landmark.