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Project: Masterplan

Location: Longquan, China

Date: 2017

Architect: SPANS associates/ Cooperation with SOL

Type: Towers, Skiing centre, Ice skating centre, Swimming centre, Residential buildings

Size: 235.000 sqm

Stage: Scheme design


Holistic concept

The whole masterplan is seen as a progression. It does as well link to the other side of the river to the traditional temples and the main bridge would offer a spectacular view. The masterplan expresses a radiality of the whole site. The whole concept is to create a centre with the two landmark towers. This verticality is the starting point generating the first order. It is the generating energy. The masterplan is a continuation of the geometrical language up to the smaller scale/residential buildings and in some specific elements into the landscape.

Porcelaine / Cracks

The overall masterplan plays with the ideas of cracking, the cracking of porcelaine. Lonquan is famous for its Porcelaine and sword industry. The roof of the buildings of the sport facilities playing with the idea of cracks to breakdown the scale without interrupting the continuity of the programme itself. The individual residential buildings are spread in a way to represent the idea of cracking and elements within the landscape recalling this idea too.

Traditional buildings/ Layers

There is a symmetry induced by the twin tower and driven by the main axis linked to the bridge. In reference to Chinese temples, the symmetry and the notion of gateway provided by the 2 high buildings is a key feature. This symbol also influenced the geometry of the 2 towers. The geometry of these buildings is not literally but referenced to traditional buildings in China. The edge is distinct and the very corner is expressed towards the sky symbolically. The lower height starts at the foot of the tower to point the sky of the other sides.

Sword/ Materiality

The towers are formed in the geometrical language of the swords. They represent sharp corners. The materiality of the roof is to be seen as a thin layer of metal sheets in continuity of the tower with a glossy and reflective looking representing the sword.